Bungalow Portable Office Ø6 H3 28m2


 Imagine going to bed every night and waking up to the perfect, harmonic resonance that is part of a GEODOMAS dome experience.

Whether you are seeking an alternative living environment, or a dynamic personal studio for writing, art, or performance, step into the natural flow that only a custom designed geodesic dome can offer; domes offer an experience that is sure to revive, enhance and unleash your creative flow.

Aside from their natural beauty, domes also have many structural advantages. Geodesic shelters have been built around the world in varied climates and have proven to be the strongest and most efficient human shelter ever conceived. Unlike a traditional home, domes get proportionally stronger as their size increases. This strength makes them able to bear heavy loads in snowy climates. Also, they are able to withstand hurricanes, tornadoes, and other storms with far greater success than a box-shaped home. With the security of your geodesic domes renowned structural integrity, you are free to unleash your imagination. Inside your living dome you can delight in the free feeling of open, spacious design. Completely free-standing, there are no internal supports to obstruct your view, but the option is there if you wish to add interior walls or additional levels. Your vision will come alive as your dome is crafted exclusively for your location offering the perfect view, natural light, and desired privacy. The installation of a simple ventilation system and heating or cooling source, in combination with the optimal air circulation patterns of a dome, will make your dome home cozy and comfortable at minimal expense. Windows, skylights, and doors strategically positioned can connect with your surrounding environment and scenery. GEODOMAS long-life covers come in a variety of colors, and are mold and mildew resistant, UV protected, and fire retardant. Enjoy your dream home or personal studio, for a fraction of the time and investment demanded by traditional construction. Our eco living domes are built easily and quickly, reducing construction costs, using the least amount of resources to enclose space, and are uniquely affordable–allowing you to live mortgage-free.

The scope of work tempearatur – 40°C to +80°C :: R [m2 K/W] = 2,639 m2 K/W

Energy efficient, low-energy consuming Geodesic domes are sustainable, which is about responsibly managing resources. The potential is unlimited. Host an amazing event that creates an unforgettable impression, transform your resort into an eco friendly paradise or simply live a sweet life in a beautiful alternative space.



The GEODOMAS Team will gladly answer any questions you might have and offer their creativity and experience to come up with the best solution for your project. Do not hestitate. Get in touch!


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