Meeting of bronze EuroBasket 2007 medalists in Vilnius, Lithuania

EuroBasket 2007 in Spain held big responsibilities for Lithuania, that had to prove the failure in the previous continental tournament passed, while holding higher stakes for Olympic qualifying, restricted to only the medallists. The first international friendly of the year was played in the newly built Šiauliai Arena, the first time the Lithuanian team played in their « Sun City ». Though, the debut ended up with a big surprise, as the visiting Swedish won 69–62. Further preparation games were variable for Lithuania as well, losing to Latvia and Spain as visitors while defeating Russia in Vilnius. A fifth Acropolis Tournament had Lithuania again getting second place after losing to the Greek hosts.

Additional Info

Object page:GEODOMAS
Object address:Vilnius, Lithuania
Technologies:Steel frame elements, Stainless one hub frame, Membrane cover
Project date:2007
Floor area, m2:380
Cover area, m2:800
Geometry type:Icosahedron




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