Public Park Stage Dome Ø15m | Estrada Geodesic Dome, Salcininkai, Lithuania

The outdoor stage in the city park dedicated to public events. Open dome above the stage. With the arch reinforcement. two dressing rooms hidden behind the wall. Frame T-STAR system, C24 strength classes of structural timber, hot-dip galvanized steel components. The frame is covered with OSB boards and bituminous roofing.

We supply planning services, we prepare technical and work plans, we calculate loads. Planning of constructions that are dome-shaped or spherical or partly that form – roofs, public or commercial use buildings, residential buildings, minor architecture. Design of prefabricated and stationary stages.

  • Design of hangars and pavilions – PVC sheet, shaped metal sheets and multi-layer plates.
  • Design of ventilated facades – aluminium composite cassette and riveted façade systems.
  • Design of glass facades – tempered glass, double glazing. Planning of steel air-gap structures and their elements – columns, girders, beams, construction of non-standard forms.
  • Design of PVC sheet products.
  • Design of wood constructions – glued and one-piece beams and spatial elements.
  • Design of monolithic reinforced concrete constructions and associated elements: beams, columns, overlays.
  • Design of special purpose structures: steel and reinforced concrete reservoirs, steel towers and masts.
  • Steel, reinforced concrete and brick construction strengthening solutions.

Additional Info

Object page: GEODOMAS
Object address: Svecionis, Lithuania
Technologies: Steel hubs, Wood frame, Off-Season wall
Project date: 2011
Floor area, m2: 176
Cover area, m2: 250
Geometry type: Icosahedron




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