Geodesic Domes For Archaeological monument cover

Creating a relaxing atmosphere as you enjoy the beauty is unlimited. Even with the little weight of the mobile construction the float was perfectly stable. The floats are one welded unit containing the load bearing frame made up of Aluminium G-sections reaching all the way round as well as the actual floats.

CTo the individual orders designing and manufacturing quick assembly/disassembly domes – pavilions Their assembly and covering does not require much time, so we can handle various events, even huge ones. – Archaeological monument

Dubingiai palace have been archaelogically explored for the last few years. Recently this place and it’s exploration got a lot attention from the public, because in summer 2004 the burial-ground have been found, probably they are one of the most famous Radvilai family members, left a big footprint in Lithuania’s and other regions XVI-XVII c. history.

Dubingiai palace is in Molėtai region, Dubingiai town, Asveja lake shore. Now it’s a big, about 500m long and up to 200m wide peninsula-hill, formerly was an island. There is extanted a XVI-XVII c. Radvilai palace and evangelicals – reformates church remains.



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