Portable Ø8m Dome for Viu Comercial Mall | Vilanova, Spain


The association “VIU COMERÇ” is the union of trade operators and services located in Vilanova, Spain.


In this city concentrates a large number of commercial establishments originating in Vilanova for most popular distributors in the world. They all do the shopping areas of the city, an ideal place to enjoy shopping and leisure.
Within this space open trading place:


  • A powerful Mall with over 400 shops and top brands.
  • A wide range of services.
  • Personalized service and customer advice.
  • Pedestrian areas where people meet, walk and interact.
  • Many leisure equipment: terraces, cinemas, theaters, libraries …
  • Public parking, making it easy access to shopping areas and associated facilities which give free tickets.

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Additional Info

Object address:Vilanova, Spain
Technologies: Portable dome
Project date:2011
Floor area, m2:50
Cover area, m2:100
Geometry type:Icosahedron


Portable Domes