Photography & Concept: Patrycja Wieczorek 2017

Even with the little weight of the mobile construction the float was perfectly stable. The floats are one welded unit containing the load bearing frame made up of Aluminium G-sections reaching all the way round as well as the actual floats.

Patrycja is a photographer and a photo session producer, who specializes in fashion, beauty and nude photography. She published photos in both Polish and foreign magazines and she also collaborates with many fashion and lingerie companies. Fully committed and dedicated to what she does, Patrycja can be best described, as a professional with an individual approach to her clients needs.

She organizes castings for models, has a large database of unique places to create beautiful photo-shoots. She also employs make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists, stage designers and floral designers. All of the above are arranged after discussing expectations and requirements of a client. She puts great attention to detail and makes sure that each catalogue or campaign she creates, for no matter how big or small brand, is completed to the highest possible standards. She makes sure that all the clients are fully satisfied with the final results.


Photography & Concept: Patrycja Wieczorek

Model: Viktoria Nowak

Make up & hair: Monika Chmielewska

Stylists: Ewa Michalik, Janek Kochanowski

Designers: Godsavequeens, Caprice, Knaź, Handmade by Kochanowski Stylist

Production: Patrycja Wieczorek

Photo shoot took place at Reduta Bank Polski in Warsaw, thanks to”

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